Bill Cooper

bill-cooperIf you live, work or play in downtown you have probably met Bill Cooper or heard his name!

Bill has been specializing in lofts since his first loft sale in 2001. He moved to downtown in 2002 to establish his real estate business, long before most people would even consider visiting downtown! Bill’s ambition to participate in the creation of a successful, thriving residential community in downtown led him to create The Loft Expert! Group. With years of experience from Keller Williams Realty, Coldwell Banker Residential Realty and Loftway Homes and Lofts, Bill has enjoyed helping many downtowners find their niche in the ever-changing environment they now call home!

Bill’s fervor for downtown is recognized by his involvement with the development of downtown’s real estate as well as its communities. Bill teamed up early on with downtown’s movers and shakers and forged long term relationships with the best in the community. He helped found, organize and currently leads the Downtown Real Estate Association as its President. Bill is also passionate about preserving and creating green space in downtown and has worked with several park projects. He currently sits as Treasurer of the Pershing Square Park Advisory Board and is an alumni from the University of Southern California.

best-of-downtownAt The Loft Expert! Group, Bill Cooper has endeavored to learn everything he can about all of the downtown lofts and condo residences and share his insights with you, whether you are purchasing or selling, first time buying or looking for a second home. His passion for service, knowledge of the marketplace, and understanding of what it takes to complete any transaction with the least amount of problems is matchless in downtown.