Bill is not only a great realtor, but fun to be around, which is a good thing when you are spending a lot of time driving around and looking at properties. He also understood what we needed to be looking for and was great in guiding us to the right properties. Aside from being great at his job, we trust him to be honest with us about his opinion of properties we are interested in.

Excerpt from ‘The Purchase Transaction and the Importance of Working with the Right Realtor’ at The Twin’s Guide to Flipping”

Cindy & Sheri, Home Flippers

I cannot recommend Bill Cooper highly enough.  Our buyer had issues with the appraiser and lender.  It was a significant challenge, but Bill resolved every issue that arose.  In the end, we sold for above our asking price.  Without Bill, I doubt we would even have been able to close escrow.  His knowledge and experience, not to mention his tenacity and good sense, were all required to close our deal.

Kendra and Peter Johnson, Loft Sellers

We are so happy. And you have done an amazing job, so thank you Bill. We couldn’t have done it without your expertise.

Desiree and Mike Marks, Loft Sellers and Buyers

Bill is extremely knowledgeable about downtown LA and was always professional, available and timely. Because of our inexperience in the LA market, Bill was invaluable in all aspects of the process: from the offer, to the inspection, to securing the loan on time and arranging move in. We truly believe Bill has helped us find the perfect spot for our lives in LA.

Kim and Mark Fischer, Loft Buyer